Try Out the Local Favorites on the Street of Toba Castle Town (Deluxe)


Spiritual tour visiting Ama-san (海女の国スピリチュアルツアー)


Tour name

Spiritual tour visiting Ama-san (海女の国スピリチュアルツアー)


All seasons (except August 13-15 and December 30 – January 10


Toba City, Osatsu Town

Reservation Deadline

16:00 at previous day

Start time



3.5 hours


Enjoy the experience praying to Ishigami-san who can make your wish come true, do Ama hut experience, etc, in Toba nature, culture, and festival that will give you different experiences. While chatting with Ama at their rest hut, you also can try snacks and meals baked over the fire (It can also be changed to lunch by adding 1,500 JPY per person).

Tour Charge

7,000 JPY/person (include snack in Ama Hut)

8,500 JPY(include lunch in Ama Hut)

Necessary belongings


Meeting point

After consultation, we will determine the meeting point.

Access to the meeting place



Up to 7 persons/group

Minimum participant

2 persons


If you do not meet the minimum number of participant. (we will inform you on the day before at 17:00)

Please give us your contact way, for example, the name and the staying due date of a hotel staying in and the e-mail address that you can always check.


Because we will be your suggestions of original exclusive tour guide, we would like to ask your preference, we recommend reservations in advance to schedule the trip.

Participant criteria

More than 11 years old




Please see a tour detailed page for details of each tour. Please reserve it. We hope the reservation by fax or E-mail .


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