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Ama Adventure Tour!

27,500 JPY per person

Go under the surface with a real Ama diver.
As Ama divers scour the shallow coastal waters of Ise-Shima for sea urchin, abalone, sazae (turban shells), and other marine delicacies, they’re carrying on a 3,000-year tradition. These women dive without oxygen tanks or other scuba equipment, and respect natural cycles by harvesting only fully grown shellfish and seaweed.
On this tour you’ll get to dive together with a working Ama, who will accompany your group throughout and give an exclusive lesson in traditional fishing methods. Splashing around in the shallows around an uninhabited island, you’ll learn firsthand how to move among the waves and how to tell shellfish from rocks under water. Imagine the sense of achievement when you catch your first sea urchin!
Though Ama culture still flourishes in Ise-Shima, catches have been decreasing for some time. By participating in this tour, you’re helping the Ama maintain their traditional lifestyle while contributing to the preservation of the local environment. Ama earn additional income by guiding visitors, while thinning out sea urchins, which are big seaweed-eaters, helps preserve the ecological balance of the sea.

  • Take a small fisherman’s boat to an uninhabited island.
  • Warm up with a snorkel at first.
  • Dive with Ama. Catch sea urchins.
  • Seaweed is decreasing. Too many sea urchins can lead to a decrease in seaweed.We recommend that you thin out the urchins in moderation.
  • You can take a shower after the tour.
Season May to mid-July, September to October
Time 9:30 AM~12:30 PM
Price 27,500 JPY per person
*Includes guide fee, insurance, boat fee, rental fee (wet suit, life jacket, snorkel mask, fin and marine shoes)
Tour size 2-6 people
Condition of participation
  • 18 years of age or older
  • snorkeling experience
  • Height 190 cm or less
  • Weight 90 kg or less
  • No cardiac ailments or similar conditions
Application deadline 3 days before
Required Items
  • Clothing
    swimming costume
  • Belongings
    drinks, change of clothes, other necessary items (sunscreen, motion sickness prevention, etc.)
Rental Items Please let us know your shoe size (rental sizes are available in increments of 1 cm up to 30 cm), height, and weight at the time of reservation so that we can prepare rental items for you.

[Free rental]
Wetsuit, life jacket, snorkel mask, fins, marine shoes
*Prescription lenses are not available for snorkel masks, so please bring your own if necessary.

Meeting point Kaito Yumin Club Office
  • The tour will be held in light rain. Even if the weather is good, the event may be cancelled for safety reasons if there are high waves or strong winds. The decision will be made the evening of the day before. Please make sure to provide us with a contact number where we can reach you the day before.
  • If the minimum number of participants is not reached 3 days before the tour.
9:30 AM
  • Meet at Kaito Yumin Club Office
    Greetings, changing clothes, etc.
10:00 AM
  • Let’s go to a desert island!
10:20 AM
  • Snorkel experience & Ama experience
11:50 AM
  • Back to office
12:10 PM
  • Shower & change of clothes
12:30 PM
  • Goodbye at Kaito Yumin Club Office

*Times are approximate. Subject to change depending on weather and sea conditions.


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