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Island Adventure Sea Kayak Tour


Come on a sea kayaking adventure to a deserted island. Birds fly in the sky, fish swim beneath the waves, seaweed sway with the tide and Ama divers catch shellfish on the seabed. Head out to the sea where nature meets man!

Fishing with Japanese Fisherman


Take part in an unforgettable fishing experience with a Japanese fisherman and enjoy your fresh catch for lunch!

Splash Ama Show! Boarding Experience at Mikimoto Pearl Island


Mikimoto Pearl Island was the first place in the world to successfully cultivate pearls.
Feel the connection between Ama divers and pearls.
You can get a close-up look at the traditional skills of Ama divers by taking a ride on a boat during their demonstration show.

Ama Adventure Tour!


Dive into the world of the sea with real Ama divers!


Ama Village Tour


Visit the town with the largest number of ama divers in Japan. You can talk to Ama divers and eat the shellfish they grill. You visit Ama Culture Museum and Ishigami shrine, the important shrine for Ama divers (it is famous as a shrine that makes women’s wishes come true).

1Day Ama Experience Tour


A one-day tour to immerse yourself in Ama culture. Watch a live performance by Ama, who were essential to the success of pearl farming at Mikimoto Pearl Island. With a guide, we will go to Osatsu, the town where the most divers live in Japan. Enjoy the conversation with the divers and the shellfish they grill.

Explore Fishermen Island in Japan


Explore the fishing town of Toba! The island (Toshi Island) is home to many traditional fishermen. You will get a feeling for real fishing village life and enjoy local home-cooked food.

Fish Caught Now on Toshi Island! Auction Experience Tour


A special experience, just for the day, at the fish market, where the fish line up!

One-Bite Fest Toba


The tastiest way to immerse yourself in Toba`s history, culture, and heritage is to eat it!

Seaweed Harvesting and Shabu-Shabu Lunch Tour


Our seaweed harvesting tour is a great chance to get up close and personal with Toba’s seaweed farmers. This tour is only available during Wakame seaweed harvesting season. You definitely don’t want to miss this experience!


The Secrets of Japanese Food from Mie


Step into the world of hidden Japanese cuisine in this cultural day tour! Our guide will escort you to a local factory for a glimpse into the food culture of Ise-Shima.

Fisherman’s After-Hours Tour


Head out to the fishing village of Toba! Make friends with real fishermen, have a few drinks and a lot of laughs!

【Your Private Tour】Design and Customize a Bespoke Tour


Design your tour based on your interests and expectations with us, Iseshima expert. Ama, island, activity, culture… You are interested a lot, but planning your trip is hard. Talk to us about a private tour.

Program for Research and Media Publication


As one of the eco-tourism pioneer in Toba and Ise-Shima, Kaito Yumin Club are offering program for researcher and media publication.


Gel Candle Making Workshop


Let’s make gel candles that look like they are in the sea. Make one-of-a-kind, original candles using sea glass that sparkle in the waves, seashells and seaweed.

Accessory Making Workshop


Choose one of your favourite sea glass and power stones to make a necklace or a strap… create your own favourite accessory.

Magnet Making Workshop


Make two cute magnets using sea glass, shells and seaweed. Recommended for small children.