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Sea Bream Spectacular Tour

27,500 JPY per person

Swim with, learn about, and eat Japan’s luckiest fish
The sea bream (tai) occupies a special place in Japanese culture. A delicious red-tinged fish, it appears in the country’s creation myths, features in many folk tales as a symbol of good luck, and is eaten especially on joyous occasions. This adventure-filled tour lets you get up close and personal with hundreds of glittering sea bream—by swimming with them at an eco-friendly fish farm!
The experience takes place at a fishing village in the town of Minami-Ise, where upon arrival you’ll immediately come face to face with a plump, freshly caught sea bream. You’ll get to form a salt crust for the fish, which will be baked while you’re out at sea.
Then it’ll be time to change into a wetsuit and hop onto a fishing boat that’ll take you across the beautiful bay, past little pearl farming and fishing huts to a net pen housing the sea bream. Hop in and you’ll find yourself swimming and diving in the midst of the school, getting a feel for the life of a fish while being caressed by the wind and waves.
Once back on shore, lunch awaits—of course in the form of sea bream, salt-baked to juicy perfection and served with rice, miso soup, and pickles.

    • This is a one-day tour. (Lunch included)
    • An overwhelming experience of swimming in a Thai aquaculture fish tank.
    • We will prepare wet suits, snorkel sets, and marine shoes.
Season May to mid-July, September to October
Time 9:00 AM~3:00 PM
Price 27,500 JPY per person
*Includes guide fee, lunch, insurance, boat fee, rental fee (wet suit, life jacket, snorkel mask, fin and marine shoes)
Tour size 2-4 people
Condition of participation
  • 13 years of age or older
  • snorkeling experience
  • Height 190 cm or less
  • Weight 90 kg or less
  • No cardiac ailments or similar conditions
Application deadline 3 days beforeRequired Items
Required Items
  • Clothing
    swimming costume
  • Belongings
    drinks, change of clothes, other necessary items (sunscreen, motion sickness prevention, etc.)
Rental Items Please let us know your shoe size (rental sizes are available in increments of 1 cm up to 30 cm), height, and weight at the time of reservation so that we can prepare rental items for you.
[Free rental]
Wetsuit, life jacket, snorkel mask, fins, marine shoes
*Prescription lenses are not available for snorkel masks, so please bring your own if necessary.
Meeting point Kaito Yumin Club Office
  • The tour will be held in light rain. Even if the weather is good, the event may be cancelled for safety reasons if there are high waves or strong winds. The decision will be made the evening of the day before. Please make sure to provide us with a contact number where we can reach you the day before.
  • If the minimum number of participants is not reached 3 days before the tour.
9:00 AM
  • Meet at Kaito Yumin Club Office
    Please come wearing your swimsuit.
9:30 AM
  • Departing for the sea bream farming area!
10:45 AM
  • Making grilled sea bream in a salt pot
11:30 AM
  • Let’s go see the spectacular view!
    We will take a fishing boat to the sea bream farming raft.
12:45 PM
  • Shower & change of clothes
1:15 PM
  • Lunch with sea bream
2:00 PM
  • Return to Toba
3:00 PM
  • Goodbye at Kaito Yumin Club Office

*Times are approximate. Subject to change depending on weather and sea conditions.


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