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Seaweed Harvesting and Fisherman Lunch Tour

14,300 JPY per person

An exciting local experience in early spring!
Wakame seaweed, a kind of kelp, is a popular ingredient in miso soup and many other traditional Japanese dishes. The thin, green, and satiny species has long been cultivated in the Ise-Shima region, where seedlings are placed in the sea in fall and left to grow firm and flavorful in the cold winter waters. Harvest takes place the following spring, between mid-January and the end of March.
That’s also the time of year when we offer this tasty tour, on which you get to learn the ins and outs of wakame cultivation and savor the real thing fresh out of the water.
You’ll ride a fishing boat to a seaweed farm, where a local fisherman will show you the ropes of wakame harvesting. Once you’ve mastered cutting kelp with a small knife and collected enough kelp for a meal, return to shore and share your seaweed harvest with the fishermen.
Munching on the seasonal seafood, you can feel good about your day’s work, too. Proceeds from this tour help sustain Toba’s wakame farms, which in turn protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen that nourishes the marine ecosystem.

  • Learn about seaweed farming in Toba
  • Ride a boat with fishermen to a seaweed farm
  • Harvesting seaweed from the boat. A kind fisherman will teach you how to cut seaweed using a small knife.
  • Let’s eat the seaweed we caught together with the fishermen. Let’s experience their style!
Season Mid-January to End of March
Time 10:30 AM~12:30 PM
11:00 AM~1:00 PM
11:30 AM~1:30 PM
12:00 PM~2:00 PM
Price 14,300 JPY per person
*Includes guide, insurance, ferry and lunch
Tour size 2-6 people
Condition of participation 6 years and over
Application deadline 4:00 PM the day before
Required Items
  • Clothing
    Easy-to-move, warm clothes and easy-to-move shoes (heels are not recommended)
    * Seawater may splash onto your shoes and clothes due to splashing.
Meeting point Kaito Yumin Club Office
Remarks If you have any food allergies, please let us know at the time of booking
  • Cancelled in the event of rain. Even if the weather is good, the event may be cancelled for safety reasons if there are high waves or strong winds. The decision will be made the evening of the day before. Please make sure to provide us with a contact number where we can reach you the day before.
  • If the minimum number of participants has not been reached by 4pm the day before.
11:00 AM
  • Meet at Kaito Yumin Club Office
    How to farm wakame seaweed
11:20 AM
  • Let’s go out and harvest some wakame!
    We go out on a fisherman’s boat to harvest wakame seaweed
12:00 PM
  • Lunch
    Have fun with the fishermen at the fishing port
1:00 PM
  • Goodbye at Kaito Yumin Club Office

*Times are approximate.


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